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What are leased beats?

Non-Exclusive licenses (Lease) grant you specific user rights to the beat that you are about to record your lyrics and vocals on. It doesn’t mean that you own it (exclusively) because the producer of the beat still retains copyright ownership of the beat. So what that means is that the producer has the right to license the beat to whomever he wants until someone purchases an Exclusive license. When you own the Exclusive rights to a beat, you can use the master (your song) without limits in user rights, in comparison to beat licensing. Meaning that you can exploit your song to the fullest. A Exclusive License is an extended version of our Premium License in our beat licensing section. This license also comes with tracked out files of the beat. Tracked out files are all the separate audio tracks of the entire beat delivered in the highest quality WAV format. We highly recommend to get these files, in order to get the highest quality recording of your song.

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How much are custom beats?

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Do you offer music services?

Yes! Mixing , Mastering , Custom Made Music Pieces And Instrumentals For Ex. Animation Movies and Soundtrack Music